Technical and catering providers at the Museum of Fine Arts

The Museum of Fine Arts is a highly protected monument where organising events is allowed only with the utmost regard for the rules of the protection of monuments. Our team of exclusive technical partners and catering service providers are also very helpful in this. With their help you can get the most out of your event!

Exclusive Technical Partners

The Museum of Fine Arts works with the following service providers. For offers, please contact their representatives:  

Feel Good Event Agency

FeelGood Ltd. has been present in the life of event organization for more than 10 years. Its sister company, Masztodon Kft., Has been serving the market as a technical and event service provider for 20 years. Because in addition to the huge technical equipment, they also have decorative tools at their disposal, making them easy to incorporate into their events during creative design.


László Kovács –

Péter Csákvári –

Smarteq AVS Kft.

  • Smarteq AVS Kft. is a key player in the event technology market.

    What is the recipe? Simple. Our experienced professionals understand your needs. Our high-quality equipment and innovative, creative solutions guarantee the success of the event. How do we help with the organization? We take part in the planning, we make a visual design, we pay attention to the details, we help the planning of stage program with our professional experience.


    We believe that every event is unique and unrepeatable, so we make the visual world unique with our technical equipment and creative elements.

  • Contacts: 
  • Rita Rotkai -
  • Attila Fábián –



Special Effects International Zrt.

We have been present in the global events market for nearly 40 years, providing creative design, state-of-the-art audiovisual technology and comprehensive project management services.

Whether it’s boutique or large-scale events, concerts, conferences or unique exhibitions, our main effort is to constantly rethink and improve. We develop solutions that enable customers to conduct their events in a more efficient, exciting, safe and sustainable way.

Contact : 

Judit Kalmár - Director of Event Sales

+36 20 489 9808

Exclusive Catering Partner

The exclusive partner of the Museum of Fine Arts in caterign services is Budapest Party Service

Budapest Party Service Kft.

Our catering services are made top quality beyond doubt by the 15 years of experience, continuous renewal, creative menus and flavours and the carefully selected Hungarian suppliers. When preparing our dishes, we aim to create a memorable experience, which our guests will be happy to remember long after the event.Our gastronomy is a combination of the best international and Hungarian culinary trends. Our kitchen is equipped with the most modern technology, our creative chef, Krisztián Balogh and his team are one of the key factors in our success. Creative menus, culinary experience, perfect service – This is what we guarantee.




István Szabó – 06706253828

Dániel Dolgos – 06204082307


In case you do not want to use the services of Budapest Party Servicer for your event, you have the possibility to bring your own partner for a special fee.