Who are we?

The Museum Shop maintains four gift shops on four different locations, each situated in a specific museum in Budapest. We offer unique design products, exclusive gift items and a wide array of books and other publications closely related to our permanent and temporary exhibitions. Our main goal is to provide high quality products whose educational value equals their aesthetic appeal.

What kind of products do we offer?

Our mission is to have gifts and other artefacts in our shop that are inspired by exhibitions, museums, and other valuable creative ideas. Design and art, creativity and culture, aesthetics and functionality. These are the concepts that describe the credo of our MuseumShop. Visitors can find richly illustrated popular books as well as professional publications of high esteem. Apart from picture books with high quality reproductions, exhibition catalogues, art books in Hungarian and other languages our shops also provide gift items related to our temporary exhibitions.

What special offers do we provide for events?

One of the key components of a successful event is choosing the proper welcome gift our souvenir for our guests. For this reason, our collection offers exclusive design artefacts that are thematically linked to our locations and exhibitions.


Do you have a unique gift idea or request?

Do not hesitate to share it with us! We are more than happy to contribute to the success of your event!

Special offers for events

Henri Matisse

Henri Matisse was a revolutionary and influential artist of the early 20th century. Find here a gift shop bearing the colours of Matisse and the French Riviera. An ideal situation to discover the many objects, reproductions of posters, postcards, stationery, fashion accessories, all inspired by Matisse' s work. 



Vassary collection

In addition to the catalogue, we've also created a brand new collection for the exhibition, where everyone will find the piece that best suits them. In addition to the classic notebooks, we've added pins, teas, silk scarves, mirrors and accessories. 


Art Books in English

There is no more beautiful and personalizable gift than books. With this in mind, we have put together our selection of books abroad so everyone can find the perfect gift for children and adults alike. We've put together everything for you, from huge academic volumes to fun and educational children's books to picture albums on the coffee table.

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