About Us

The Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery are the foremost artistic institutions of Hungary. At night, however, they transform into exclusive venues for events, providing a spectacular location for your corporate event. Be it a smaller corporate meeting or a larger reception, a gala dinner or an award ceremony, the various halls of our museum are able to suit your needs perfectly. Our Vasarely Museum and Hopp Ferenc Museum of East Asian Art are also provided with venues perfectly suited for receptions, product presentations, trainings and corporate trainings.

 We consider it our mission to provide a unique and exciting environment for our hosted events by utilizing the artistic values of the four institutions. The fusion of the spectacular architectural design of our buildings, our internationally renowned collections, the state-of-the-art technological features of our venues and the unique program options accompanying our events embodies something we call the art of the event.

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41 Dózsa György út, Budapest, 1146