Vasarely Museum


Vasarely Museum

The material forming the core collection of the museum was donated by Victor Vasarely to the Hungarian State in the early eighties, and the institution opened its doors to the public in the Zichy Castle in Óbuda in 1987. The more than four hundred unique and reproduced compositions provide a comprehensive overview of the artist’s oeuvre spanning from his early academic drawings and commercial graphics made in Hungary to his Op Art and plastic works from the sixties and seventies. The new permanent exhibition seeks to acquaint visitors with Vasarely’s working method by bringing artistic parallels, while the reference books – specialised volumes of the library once bequeathed by the artist – as well as the optical and reproduction instruments illustrating his method also provide an important supplement.

The show also contains a special VR-based museum education tool establishing the closest possible connection with Vasarely’s works: two interactive stations set up in the exhibition space by the London-based "Hack the Senses” team guide visitors through the world of Vasarely.

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Located in a popular part of Óbuda, Vasarely Museum provides and inspirational environment for smaller corporate receptions or workshops. Between spring and autumn, the Museum’s garden becomes a venue of wine tastings, receptios, corporate meetings.

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