Hungarian National Gallery


Hungarian National Gallery

One of the most iconic architectural feature of Budapest, the building of the National Gallery is located in the Buda Castle District. The idea of a completely individual museum dedicated to fine art was conceived in the aftermath of the Revolution of 1956. As a result of this, the museum found its home in the domed building in the Castle, the highest point of which yields a spectacular panorama to the whole city. Recently in 2012, the National Gallery and the National Museum of Fine Arts united their exceptionally rich collections in one singe institution. After the restructuring of their collections together with the reopening of the Museum of Fine Arts, the Hungarian and international artworks after 1800 can be seen in the National Gallery within the reorganized permanent exhibitions in the National Gallery, with pieces from such exceptional artists, as Mihály Munkácsy, Pál Szinyei Merse, Miklós Barabás or Monet and Gauguin.

The rentable venues of the Hungarian National Gallery cover almost the whole spectrum of events, since it is an ideal location for gala dinners, receptions, award ceremonies, cocktail parties or corporate team building activities. The memorable experience is enhanced by the panorama terraces, which provide a spectacular view of Budapest. It is our mission to make artistic artefacts integral components of any specific event. With their help we are able to convey what art and the museum life means to us. By using the collection in a creative manner, we provide an exclusive background to any organised event and guarantee a memorable experience. This is what the art of organising events means to us.

Venues for rent

C-Main Building - Dome Hall

Opening from our 19th and 20th century exhibitions, the unique red marble covered dome hall is an ideal venue for grand gala dinners, protocol events or receptions. Imagine to have a majestic dinner accompanied by the most prominent figures of the Hungarian history, followed by a champagne reception on our terraces overlooking the breath-taking view of the Danube.

350 Capacity
200 Capacity
Gala Dinner
300 Capacity
C-Main Building- Dome Hall 2nd floor

The individual locations of this venue: The Dome hall consists of three separate floors, which can be rented together for larger events.

250 Capacity
Gala Dinner
200 Capacity
Panorama Terrace

Opening from the Dome hall, our panorama terraces overlooking the Danube are perfect venues for summer evening champagne receptions. In the wintertime we use outdoor heaters to create a cozy site for drinking mulled wine and roasting chestnut giving an extra to our indoor event.

120 Capacity
Gala Dinner
50 Capacity
Panorama Terraces - 3rd Floor

The two panorama terraces on the highest floor of the Castle building offer the fullest view of Budapest scenery, while the third balcony offers an intimate view of the Buda side of the city. Whichever our guest chooses, the exclusive, unique and breath-taking experience is guaranteed.

50 Capacity
Gala Dinner
15 Capacity

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